Trip # 23 - Lewis's Last Stand: Canoeing the Mississippi from St. Louis to Memphis

September 26, 2009 to October 3, 2009

230 canoe/float miles; 145 river miles portaged

Part 3

Days 7 and 8

Gold Dust Bar, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee

Day 7: Saturday October 2, 2009 - Gold Dust Bar, Arkansas to an Arkansas beach opposite Densford Bar, Tennessee.


<< We pulled up to a nice camp at the "butt" end of an island yesterday. It rained pretty hard last night. We had a sunny morning, though.


<< Drying out gear after the rain last night.

<< Chris at Osceola AK boat ramp.

32 river miles today, 202 river miles total.

150 land miles total = 145 river miles portaged total.

Day 8: Saturday, October 3, 2009: In the Home Stretch to Memphis


<< Kevin showing off our great last camp. It was high above the river, had plenty of firewood, and had a row of cottonwood trees that served as a wind break. The wind rustled through the cottonwood leaves all night.


<< Bailing the canoes and packing for our last day on the River.


<< Departing for Memphis.


<< Arriving at Memphis at Mud Island Landing. I hope I wasn't the only one who was starting to get a little tired by the time we arrived. At least the wind behaved today; it was light.

<< We had 2 surprise guests meet us at the landing. Chris, one of our guides on the Missouri River, and his girlfriend, Robyn. They drove up from Alabama to see us.

< We broke down the gear and packed the van and trailer, checked into the hotel, and cleaned up (I had to wash my hair three times to get the sand out.)

< Then we had a big barbeque dinner, wandered over to the Lewis and Clark Bicentenniel Conference, probably the only ones to arrive at the conference by canoe, and met Stephanie Ambrose.

< We finished the night on Beale Street. It is much bigger and nicer than I remember it from 30 years ago. (see my Memphis/Vicksburg to New Orleans trip.) Our goal: to drink, people watch, and celebrate our trip.

< Tomorrow we all start our journeys home.

28 river miles today, 230 river miles total.

150 land miles total = 145 river miles portaged total.

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    Part 1: Canoeing from St. Louis to Wittenberg, Missouri;

    Part 2: Portaging from Wittenberg, Missouri, via Fort Defiance, Illinois, to New Madrid, Missouri;

    Part 3: Canoeing from New Madrid, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee.

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